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    The Viral Video Of A Reporter On Live TV Saying He'd Have Sex With A Kidnapped Woman Is A Hoax

    It's well edited, but definitely fake.

    This video is currently circulating, with a lot of users pretty convinced that it's a real clip of a FOX reporter saying on live TV that a missing woman is hot.

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    A 20-year-old Kentucky woman reported missing by her family was found at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas late Friday afternoon.According to police, Jena Chisholm had been sleeping at the parking garage at the resort. She went willingly to the security office at the resort and told them who she was. Security guards then called her mother, Tina Chisholm...

    As pointed out by Mediaite, the anchor's shocked reaction actually comes from a real life on-air F-bomb being dropped by reporter Lindsay Nadrich.

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    The fake video, put together by user Cain Da Bomb — who appears to have filmed the "blooper" himself — has tricked more than a few people online, collecting hundreds of thousands of views in a day or so.

    As for the missing woman the man in the video says he'd like to have sex with, she was found later that day.

    Why the creator of the video faked it, however, is still unclear. BuzzFeed reached out for comment is currently waiting to hear back.

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