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    This Hilarious Guy With Cerebral Palsy Just Made The Most Inspirational Workout Video You'll Ever See

    Holy cow, I'm so amped up right now.

    This is Zach Anner, he's a comedian with cerebral palsy and if you haven't heard of him you absolutely should check out his YouTube channel.

    To celebrate his 100th video, Zach suited up and decided to work out in the park.

    Making sure to put on some very important and bad ass workout gear first.

    Zach's a pretty wise dude. And he's got a great perspective on life.

    "You don't have to have a huge milestone like being the first man walk on the moon," Zach says. "They've already got a guy that does that and he's dead!"

    As Zach says, "It's never too late to get back on track, just like Lindsay Lohan."

    Watch Zach's very important message here!

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