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    So You Wanna Be The DJ For A Nu Metal Band

    Every good nu metal band needs a DJ to randomly scratch a record for no reason during the verses of their songs.

    1. First up, get a lot of stuff you'll never use and surround yourself with it.

    2. Make sure it LOOKS like you're doing a lot of cool DJ stuff though.

    3. Wicka, wicka.

    4. Fashion for a nu metal DJ is important.

    5. It should be instantly clear by your appearance that you're a piece of shit.

    6. Looking great! I hate you.

    7. In band photos always try to look like someone just ruined the end of 'The Hunger Games' for you.

    8. "...But--but I loved Prim!"

    9. "Dude, you knew I was Team Gale."

    10. You'll have plenty of time to mess around with funky hairstyles while you're not doing anything important musically.

    11. Cool spikes!

    12. Oh wow, you look like a Slim Jim guy!

    13. Nailed it.

    14. And lastly, above all else, have fun with it!




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