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Madonna Fell On Stage During The Brit Awards And It's Become A Huge Meme

Poor Madonna.

During the final performance of the Brit Awards, Madonna fell down the stairs.

And it's become a pretty big meme.

Like, within minutes of it happening.

I for one enjoyed Madonna's beautiful interpretive dance portrayal of the Natalie Bennett interview.

Kickstarter to get Madonna one of those personal alarms for when you have a fall in your home or garden

"Have you worked as a dancer before?" "Yeah I was one of Madonna's minotaurs" "Were you the one that..." "Yeah" "We'll let you know"

The phrase "poor Madonna" started trending worldwide on Twitter.

My doner would never fall apart like Madonna.

Someone is getting fired... #RIPMadonnasstylist

Madonna asked Wenger for advice #Madonna #Arsenalfc

And the fall really didn't help all the old-lady jokes people were ALREADY making before she fell.

Poor old Madonna going back up them stairs like...

Poor Madonna fell over at the BRITs while performing. That hip was bound to give sooner or later. #PrayForMadonna

It's hard to keep things positive...

Every single person in the UK looked like this when Madonna fell.

...because it looks like a lot of people were like:

Have you had an accident in the workplace that wasn't your fault? #Madonna #BRITAwards

These people could teach Madonna how to wear a cloak #BRITs2015

And ultimately, she probably should have known better.

And turn the sound on for these last two.