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    The Definitive Timeline Of How Armpit Hair Became This Summer's Hottest Trend

    Will you be rocking natural pits this summer?

    So last year, Madonna Instagrammed her armpit hair.

    A few months after that, women started sharing photos of their dyed armpit hair.

    In comes Miley Cyrus last month with her own armpit hair.

    Bruce Willis' daughter posted her own armpit hair to Twitter around the same time.

    Then, three weeks ago, Lena Dunham posted this note that including "grow armpit hair" as a goal for the summer.

    This month, Dunham's Girls co-star Jemima Kirke showed up on a red carpet with some very elegant tufts of armpit hair.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    Kirke also tweeted some important retro pit-spiration.

    It's just my own personal preference. That being said please can we stop talking about pits? #bored #sophialoren

    Now, most recently, Chinese women are getting in on the trend.


    Xiao Meili, a women’s rights activist, pictured below, organized the “Women’s Armpit Hair Competition” on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

    Women’s right activist Li / Via Weibo

    Armpit hair has been so stigmatized for Chinese women that they “would rather fall down on buses than to hold something and expose their armpit hair,” Xiao said.

    The women who joined the competition seriously got into it though.

    The winners of Xiao's contest will be those who get the most reposts, likes, and comments on Weibo.

    1. So will you be rocking armpit hair this summer?

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    So will you be rocking armpit hair this summer?
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      Hell yeah, smash the patriarchy.
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      It's not for me, sorry.
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      I am a man and thanks to the privilege given to me by the patriarchal society I was born into I have never thought about whether or not I would feel pressured to shave or not shave my armpit hair.

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