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    10 Years Later, I'm Still Obsessed With "Girls," And Here Are 10 Reasons Why

    2022 marks the 10th anniversary of a provocative TV show that I insist you watch more than once, HBO's Girls.

    This year, the show's creator and star, Lena Dunham, returns to the spotlight with her first feature film in decades, Sharp Stick. I feel like it's a perfect time to explain why I'm still obsessed with her show Girls, 10 years later.

    Girls logo

    Ten years ago, Girls premiered on HBO and changed the television game.

    Here's why ten years later, Girls is still worth a watch:

    1. First of all, Girls was revolutionary for its time.

    Today, we're fortunate to see more women of all walks of life take center stage and inspire all of us to struggle, strive, and survive with our feminine class and style.

    The women of FX Pose eat dinner together

    2. I, a Black man, could relate to every character as a struggling twentysomething.

    3. Girls blessed our tormented souls with hilarious moments like Hannah doing designer drugs for a think piece and Shoshanna accidentally doing crack with randoms at a warehouse party.

    shoshana talking quickly and erratically

    4. The show was going places. Before Emily went to Paris, Shoshanna went to Japan, and it was the perfect reality of how your Eat, Pray, Love adventure can go terribly wrong.

    Shoshanna rides a conveyor belt at airport

    5. Judd Apatow, Jenni Konner, and Lena Dunham were the powerhouse trio.

    Lena, Jenni, and Judd sit on a couch

    6. Girls was the birthplace of Adam Douglas Driver, the cinematic masterpiece of a man.

    Hannah and Adam go for a run

    7. Two words: Andrew Rannells.

    Elijah and Athena wait for their names to be called

    8. The "boys" were almost as cool as the girls.

    9. The show had some of the best cameos, including Jenny Slate, Corey Stoll, Ben Mendelsohn, Patti LuPone, and Kathryn Hahn. Here are my favorites to join the cast:

    Rita Wilson

    Evie and Marnie sing a song together

    Richard E. Grant

    Jasper calls out Jessa

    Patrick Wilson

    Joshua tells Hannah bad news

    Zachary Quinto and Gillian Jacobs

    Ace and Mimi-Rose talking at dining table

    Donald Glover

    Sandy and Hannah brush their teeth

    Jon Glaser and Gabby Hoffman

    Laird and Caroline hug Hannah

    Riz Ahmed

    Paul-Louie talking to Hannah at bar

    10. And lastly, the Girls soundtrack is certified gold.

    Spotify / Via

    HBO's shows are known for their impeccable music selection. Girls' soundtrack is a hodgepodge of every angsty, indie-pop millennial searching for their purpose in life with everything from Tame Impala and Nancy Sinatra to Jay-Z and Salt-N-Pepa.

    Do you love HBO's Girls as much as I do, or is there something wrong with me? What show, past or present, is your current obsession?

    Hannah eating lollipop and talking on phone