People Being Massive Jerks For No Reason (Presented In GIF Form)

People are giant jerks to each other all the time, everywhere, and it’s totally lame! Here’s a guide that might help.

1. People act like jerks to their friends…

4. People don’t respect authority figures.

5. That’s not how you dance at a concert, that’s completely unreasonable! What a jerk.

6. People act like jerks at school…

10. People act like jerks to trains.

11. People act like jerks even when they ride bicycles.

12. And roommates definitely aren’t safe!

17. And don’t get me started on the workplace!

20. Jerk scientists, that’s what this is.

21. This entire audience is full of jerks.

22. Same with this alley full of people.

23. And don’t think that animals can’t be total jerks too.

28. I know this is just a person in a panda suit, but it doesn’t make them any less of a bully.

29. I don’t know what they said, but someone’s being really mean to James Franco.

30. You just know athletes are big jerks sometimes.


34. I don’t know what sport this is but it looks like it’s full of jerks.

35. I’m a big fan of his acting, but Tommy Lee Jones needs an attitude adjustment.

36. You just know this dude’s a jerk, look at that face!

37. So just remember, if anyone tries to bring you down don’t let them!


And just remember that you’re…

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