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This Brainteaser Is Getting Shared All Over Facebook And Driving People Crazy

Get ready to have your day totally ruined by "fruit algebra."

This brainteaser, which some are referring to as "fruit algebra," is all over the place at the moment. It's unclear who made the image, but versions of it have been shared hundreds of thousands of times since last year.

The problem seems like it has an obvious answer.

Except no one can agree on what the answer is.

OK, so, let's break this down and figure out what the answer PROBABLY is.

In the first line, it's three apples adding up to 30. Apples are most likely worth 10.

Because then you add one apple to two sets of bananas, getting 18. It's most likely that banana sets are each worth four.

Then, you take a banana set and subtract a pair of coconut halves and end up with two.

OK, so here's the last tricky part. You take a coconut half, an apple, and a set of bananas, and it seems like you'd end up with 16. Except you don't!

Look closely at that last line. You only have one coconut half, not two. So that would equal one.

And there are only three bananas in the banana set, so it's likely that would equal three.

So the last line is: 1 + 10 + 3 = 14!