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    Justin Bieber Has 24 Hours To Get His Monkey Out Of German Customs Or It's Going To A Zoo

    This is the story of the century.

    The AP is reporting that Justin Bieber has 24 hours to reclaim his pet monkey, OG Mally, who was been in custody in Germany since April.

    If Bieber doesn't contact officials by midnight, the 20-week-old Capuchin monkey will be sent to a Germany zoo.

    OG Mally is currently being quarantined in an animal shelter in Munich after he was unable to leave the country with Bieber because the singer didn't have the proper documents for the animal.

    Emails from Bieber's management to German customs have indicated that he no longer wants the monkey.

    The shelter in Munich has criticized Bieber for having a monkey as young as OG Mally as a pet. Typically, it's unwise to take a monkey away from its mother before its a year old.