Everything You Need To Know About Justin Bieber And His Monkey

Justin Bieber: Innocent victim of foreign bureacracy or deadbeat monkey dad? The singer’s pet monkey is languishing in a German animal shelter. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Meet Justin Bieber’s 14-week-old capuchin monkey, “OG Mally.”


2. The baby monkey was a birthday present to the 19-year-old from music producer Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid.

Image posted 2:35 am 1/15/2013.

3. Bieber tweeted photos of himself with Rashid’s capuchin monkey “Bubbz” back in January.

Image posted: 10:32 pm 1/11/2013.

4. This image of Bieber and Bubbz, posted January 11th, has been erroneously reported to be an image of the singer and his pet monkey.

Image posted: 10:36 pm 1/11/2013.

5. Perhaps inspired by Bieber’s affection for his own monkey, Rashid purchased Bubbz’s younger brother as a birthday present for the singer and cared for it until Bieber could pick it up.

Image posted: 6:43 am 3/26/2013.

6. Rashid posted many pictures of the baby monkey on Instagram while the animal was in his possession.

Image posted: 2:42 am 3/25/2013.

7. Bieber picked up the monkey from Rashid in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 27th during a brief trip home from his European tour that included a visit to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s house.

Image posted: 8:05 pm 3/27/2013.

8. Bieber departed Los Angeles for Munich on Wednesday night to continue the European lag of his “Believe” tour. The singer brought his new pet OG Mally with him on the private jet to Germany.


— justinbieber (@Justin Bieber)

9. Bieber and crew landed at Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Munich on Thursday morning and were detained by German customs when officials discovered the baby monkey aboard the jet.


10. OG Mally was taken into custody by authorities and quarantined when it was discovered that Bieber did not have the necessary documents required for bringing a live animal into the country.

Matthias Schrader / AP

11. The singer was forced to leave the animal in quarantine and departed the airport to perform a sold-out show in Munich’s Olympiahalle.

Matthias Schrader / AP

12. After the concert, Bieber tweeted that he was leaving Munich for Vienna, Austria. He did not mention his quarantined baby monkey.

Munich was a good time. And loud. The bus is headed to Vienna now. U coming?

— justinbieber (@Justin Bieber)

13. When Bieber failed to produce his pet’s paperwork in a timely manner, German authorities transferred OG Mally from a customs holding pen to an animal shelter.


14. Two days later, as word of the singer’s primate problems began to spread, Bieber posted two images of the monkey on Instagram, leading some news organizations to falsely report that he and OG Mally had been reunited.

Image posted: 10:56am 3/30/2013.

Image posted: 10:59 am 3/30/2013.

16. The shelter where OG Mally is being held posted on its website that the animal is getting “a well-deserved rest” and chastised Bieber for prematurely separating the baby monkey from its mother.

The website initially reported that OG Mally was a female monkey, a mistake that has been corrected.

17. “It is a wild animal which would normally live with its mother for a year,” said animal shelter head Karl-Heinz Joachim, adding that OG Mally would be better off in a zoo.


18. The singer has four weeks to present the requisite documents and reclaim his pet, a customs spokesperson told AFP. “If no one comes forward, [the monkey] will be released for placement.”

19. Beliebers worldwide are reacting to their idol’s ongoing symian saga in different ways. Some are infuriated by even the IDEA that a country would separate a boy from his monkey (public health concerns be damned).

i hate germany ! #MallyNeedsJustin

— HellYeahMileyC (@Mary)

Im extremely upset -_____- Of course even authorities can't leave Justin & Mally alone !! #Pissed

— bieber_or_die94 (@ღ кเ๓ ღ)

@LegendOfJB they said that at Germany OG Mally got taken away cause he didn't have the proper papers like wtf he's justin bieber!

— Fall4shawtymane (@happybirthdaypattie)

Germany better NOT put OG Mally up for adoption.

— dopestbieberr (@Kidd Drama)

Mally has been taken away from Justin because he didn't have the paperwork to own a monkey. HE IS JUSTIN BIEBER HE DON'T NEED PAPERS #FREEOG

— BiebersBrows (@Justin Bieber Fan.)

24. While others are disturbed by reports that Bieber has not attempted to contact the shelter.

@justinbieber You've got only 3 weeks left to take OG Mally from the animal shelter.. Important papers are missing.. You care, don't you? :(


@mellythemonkey Justin ! Please call the shelter in munich ! They think you don't care about mally !

— JanaSwagJB (@5th april)

26. A few Beliebers don’t understand how international customs regulations work.

#FreeMally trend this to get mally free and back to justin.

— JustinsLover94 (@Happy Bday Pattie!!)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TREND #WeWantMallyBack please? they might give Justin Mally back if this trends!

— JustinsSwaggieC (@Justin Bieber)

28. And then there are THESE fans…

those fackking nazi's must give us Mally back! #DeutschlandGiveUsMallyBack

— OfficialXavier_ (@Justin Bieber)

The Nazis should give Mally back

— Megan_Venegas (@Dallas)

30. Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid, the monkey’s original owner, posted about the animal’s fate and encouraged fans to tweet the hashtag #FreeOGMallyBieber.

Image posted: 3:06 am 4/1/2013.

The Germans are being sweet 2 OG! #Free #OG MALLY BIEBER @JUSTINBIEBER http://t.co/4OD1xVlBNG

— MallyMall7777 (@M A L L Y M A L L)

32. Bieber’s tour management team contacted the shelter Wednesday for further information on what forms must be produced to claim the monkey, according to a German news agency.

33. Bieber has 13 more “Believe” tour dates in Europe. He’ll depart the E.U. on April 30th, approximately the same date by which he must retrieve his pet. The singer’s rep did not return a request for comment.

34. German reporters were allowed into the shelter Tuesday to obtain footage and images of the famous monkey in quarantine. He’s pretty adorable.

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