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Your Complete Guide To The Best April Fools' Day Pranks On The Internet This Year

Trust no one, especially brands. This post will be updated throughout the day.

1. Google built a backwards Google.

2. ThinkGeek's Hodor GPS system.

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3. John Green's Australian publisher announced a new book.

Exciting news: @PenguinTeenAus will publish ebook by @johngreen. The story of Augustus Waters and Caroline Mathers

Which apparently a lot of people fell for...

My American publisher and several of my international publishers fell for @PenguinTeenAus's April Fools Day joke.

4. Funny Or Die's new video app "Dips" .

5. Domino's unleashed raw footage of a driverless pizza delivery robot.

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6. Airbnb is suffering from a "glitch" in the space-time continuum that lets you browse listings from different time periods.

7. The selfie shoe from Miz Mooz.

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8. Roku launched Roku Rendezvous, a dating site "where single streamers can scroll through profiles of others streamers to find that special someone."

9. Rovio's gritty Angry Birds reboot.

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10. Sam Smith revealed he was straight.

Guys I have some news... I'm straight

11. Uber for Tinder.

12. Tinder for Uber.

13. T-Mobile has a family plan for your pets.

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14. The Tumblr executive suite 2016.

15. Pizza Hut UK's scratch-and-sniff menus.

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16. You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps.

17. Firebox has a selfie stick that, uh, goes inside of you.

18. Hailo Piggy Back.

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19. The Zappos STFU service.

20. CERN discovered the Force.

Breaking news: CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

21. Unleashed by Petco's selfie sticks for pets.

22. The Playstation Flow.

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23. The Israeli Defense Force's top secret documents about how they thwarted an alien invasion.

#TopSecret: How the #Israel Air Force thwarted an #alien invasion

24. Amazon's '90s page layout.

25. Google's "Smartbox," which is basically just a mailbox.

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26. Microsoft's MS-DOS for smartphones.

27. Hinge launches "Playdating," a dating app for toddlers.

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28. The "Saved By The Box" from Birchbox.

29. Digg Video's hottest, most current videos on the web.

30. Timehop's Facebook diss.

Timehop's April Fools' prank throws major shade at Facebook:

31. Bob Barker returned to The Price Is Right.

32. Linkedin's Magic Mirror.

33. The Sephora collection Sheet Hack.