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After People Tried To Body-Shame This Guy Dancing At A Concert Something Amazing Happened

Thousands of people are trying to invite this guy to a dance party. UPDATE: Pharrell, Moby, and Andrew WK have all said they want to perform at Dancing Guy's party.

Last month, a user on the anonymous message board 4chan posted this creepshot of a guy dancing at what appears to be a concert.

The 4chan user wrote: "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

The post was screenshot and posted on Imgur, where it gained a lot attention. Mostly, people were disgusted that some stranger made this guy feel bad about getting down with his bad self in public.

The pictures were picked up by Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks, who put out a call to find the guy and organize something special for him.

Anyone know this man or who posted this? There's a huge group of ladies in LA who would like to do something special

And it worked!

#FindDancingMan Help us find this dude with the moves! Let's do this, ladies!

Who knows this guy?? We want to throw him a huge dance party with tons of beautiful babes.

Thousands of women are trying to find this guy on Twitter and invite him to a huge party.

Does anyone know who this man is? My friends and I want to throw him a party


There's even a hashtag.

We need hashtag: #finddancingman RT @FitchyEmma: Twitter, can we find the man in this photo and tell him we love him?

If anyone knows this man please please let me or @CassandraRules know! We're planning something very special!

Fairbanks told BuzzFeed that she saw the photo after a friend posted it and it really upset her.

Body shaming is awful & people hide behind social media. Help me and my 2,000 girlfriends #FindDancingMan #dancefree

Okay, I just heard about #FindDancingMan. I hope he's found and he gets the dance party he deserves.

Fairbanks said she was a little worried about circulating the photo even further and embarrassing him, but she thought it was already out there and was more concerned about turning a negative into a positive.

If you see this, we want you to know that we've got your back. You just keep on dancing, mate! #KeepOnDancing #FindDancingMan

I really hope someone is able to identify #DancingMan Half the Internet wants to give him a hug! #FindDancingMan

"I decided to tweet it and our offer in the hopes if he did see it, he would see something positive instead of a bunch of people upset," she said.

Well #FindDancingMan has taken off quite nicely. Shouldn't be long before he's the luckiest bloke on the planet lol. #AllThoseGirls

We need to #finddancingman and have a big dancing party! ❤️

As of Friday morning, Fairbanks said she had only a few leads on who he might be, but nothing solid.

PLEASE #FindDancingMan !!!! And please hashtag it! Let him know he has an incredible amount of love and support.

Then she was sent this photo of a man who looked just like our dancing guy and was wearing the same wristband.

@MaxTaucer @CassandraRules is this him? #FindDancingMan possibly spotted in London?

An lo and behold, it was him! The internet had found the dancing man!

YAY TWITTER!!! @Dancingmanfound #FindDancingMan ❤️❤️❤️ We are going to dance!!!

I spoke to him, he's free in a couple weeks, he's currently in Kiev, but we are planning the best party ever :) @FelicityMorse

We will keep you posted if and when Cassandra and Dancing Guy finally meet up.

Update: Now Pharrell, Moby, and Andrew WK have lent support, and have shown an interest in performing at the party.

Hey @CassandraRules keep me posted about your dance party! @Dancingmanfound, never be ashamed of yourself. You are both truly #OTHER🙏

i offer my dj services for free for #DancingMan #DancingManFound #FindDancingMan . no one should ever be ashamed about dancing.

@jayzombie Of course! This guy is totally a dance party master and I'm backing him all the way.

Needless to say the dancing man himself is overwhelmed by the whole experience.

@Pharrell @CassandraRules Thanks for the interest and the tweet. Today is a day I have never imagined would happen