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Coca-Cola's Multilingual Super Bowl Ad Inspired A Complete Meltdown Online

Some of these might be jokes, but it's so hard to tell anymore. Most of the people upset about the advertisement didn't even seem to notice the gay couple in it.

Last night during the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola debuted its "It's Beautiful" commercial, which included a rendition of "America the Beautiful" in various languages.

It quickly set off a firestorm on Twitter with users who were live-tweeting the event. Many claimed they were switching over to Pepsi.

@CocaCola because of that commercial I'm switching to Pepsi. In America we speak English !!!

@CocaCola You're done. Pepsi all the way. Go to the Middle East and sell your product.

@CocaCola go fuck yourself for the commercial last night. This is America.

Others insisted that Coke as a brand was now un-American, or even communist.

@CocaCola Fuck outa here you communist liquid

@CocaCola. How the fuck r u gonna have foreigners sing the our national

@CocaCola That commercial PISSED me off. We speak English in this Country!

@CocaCola way to encourage the country to get further from our English language! #americaisbeautiful speak English or get out!

While many others were furious that an American brand would release a Super Bowl commercial in any language other than English.

@CocaCola I speak English. I understand that is wrong in your eyes. No thanks.

Big mistake Coca-Cola, big mistake #speakamerican

Others took it even further, calling Coca-Cola terrorists.

@CocaCola Whats with the Superbowl commercial? Do you all support Terrorists or what, bad choice in taste. I love America personally.

@CocaCola fuck you guys. You're some goddamn terrorists. You're shit is rank.

@CocaCola Fuck you and your shitty commercial #terrorists

I am no longer drinking Coke because they used terrorists in their commercials. #TeamPepsi

When did coke get bought out by terrorists?..

It also inspired a handful of hashtags, including #SpeakAmerican...


The commercial with America the Beautiful being sung in so many different languages??? #speakAmerican

And the #boycottcoke.

You can't sing an American song in another language! #boycottcoke

No wonder I am a Pepsi man. #boycottcoke

Fuck you coke #thanksobama #boycottcoke #cocacola #cocacolaisunamerican

Interestingly enough, very few people noticed the fact that the commercial also included a gay couple.

Coke loses my respect for putting a gay couple in the video. I couldn't give a fuck about the Spanish song

Outside of predominantly conservative pockets of Twitter and on Coke's Facebook page, most commenters are supportive of the commercial, with many of the top comments lauding it.

Judge for yourself:

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