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Bianca Lawson From "Pretty Little Liars" Has Been Playing A Teenager On TV For 20 Years

It's funny that was she was in The Vampire Diaries because she might actually be a vampire.

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Character: Megan Jones

Character's age: High school student, 15-16ish.

Character: Rhonda Coley

Character's age: She went to the same school as Tia and Tamera.


Character: Rosalind

Character's age: One of the students who attended the school where Steve Harvey's character taught.

Character: Kendra Young

Character's age: She became a Slayer after Buffy died briefly in Season 1, so she was probably around the same age as Buffy (16 or 17).


Character: Shirley and another character named Tracy

Character's age: Both characters were high school students who went to school with Mo and Marcus.

Character: Nikki Green

Character's age: She plays a student director who enters the same student film festival as Dawson.


Character: Nikki

Character's age: The ex-girlfriend of Sean Patrick Thomas' character, who attends the same Chicago high school as Julia Stiles' character.

Character: Shawna

Character's age: Technically, in Secret Life Bianca Lawson plays a 23-year-old who is only dating a high school student, who she then dumps for being too young.


Character: Emily Bennett

Character's age: It's unclear exactly how old Emily is, but she's part of a family line of young women who are witches, so it's safe to say she's teenage-ish.

Character: Abby

Character's age: She attends Westfield High, the high school where Evan Peters' character goes on a shooting rampage.


Character: Maya St. Germain

Character's age: Maya dies in Pretty Little Liars at the age of 18.

She plays Ms. Morell.

Character's age: A French teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School. Hooray!

(Bianca Lawson's inability to age was pointed out most expertly here.)