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    Here's Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About "Jen From The Appleton Bath & Body Works"

    If you don't like swearing or angry people from Wisconsin you probably shouldn't read this post.

    Have you noticed a ton of people talking about "Jen from the Appleton Bath & Body Works"?

    I aspire to be """Jen""" from the Appleton Bath & Body Works

    im just a jen from appleton living in a world of angelas

    jen from appleton: if you're out there i want u to know its not ur fault.

    lexie stop being such a "jen" from appleton

    Well, it all started with Az4angela. She's a vlogger from Wisconsin and this is an 11-minute video she made in 2012 about trying to buy candles at a Bath & Body Works.

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    Over the weekend, a bunch of Tumblr users found her video. They kind of went nuts over it.

    Basically, the story goes that Angela tried to buy two candles from her local Bath & Body Works and she got in a fight with "Jen," the manager of the store.

    The video has a lot of dramatic pauses.

    The comments that have started to pour in are pretty amazing.

    And it's inspired a whole thing.

    There are photoshops.

    And Halloween costumes for Angela.

    And "Jen from Appleton."

    And there's fan art too.

    There are even Yelp reviews.

    People have been going through her other videos and GIFing those, as well.

    In the end, Angela decided not to boycott Bath & Body Works because they sent her some candles in the mail. According to Angela's follow-up video in 2012, the store did not fire Jen.

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    Unfortunately, because no one on the internet can let anything go, people are now trying to find Jen from Bath & Body Works' Facebook profile.

    @donkers11 im gonna find that "Jen from Appleton" bitch n make her get her shit together

    i wonder what jen from appleton is doing rn

    Also, BuzzFeed called the Appleton Bath & Body Works and asked the manager if they had received any strange calls in the last few days and she confirmed that they had and declined to comment.

    I feel like I need to get Az4Angela a Red Velvet Cupcake candle & change her life tbh

    is it so wrong, that Az4Angela makes me strong

    are you team Az4angela or team jen from appleton

    The internet is weird.