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    8 Web Videos You Need To See This Week

    Including the most gloriously entertaining airline safety video ever, everything you need to know about the cuttlefish, and the ultimate test of who's better at doing stuff: drunk adults or regular babies.

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    This Is How You Get A Subway Conductor To Smile

    New York City subway conductors have one very strange requirement: At every stop, they have to point out the window at a sign to prove that they're paying attention. So someone decided to try out a little prank, and what happened next was pretty darn adorable. (1:32)

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    Drunk Guy Vs. Baby: The Ultimate Test

    Some of the finest scientific minds of our generation have declared that kids are just tiny drunk adults. But what happens when a very drunk adult and a completely sober baby battle for supremacy? (2:44)

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    Mesmerizing Timelapse Of Over 700 Hot Air Balloons Lifting Off

    Roadtrippers captured this gorgeous footage at the 41st annual International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. Trust us, you're going to want to watch this in full-screen HD. (2:43)

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    Meet Grand Theft Auto Grandma

    This is a video of the world's angriest British grandmother playing Grand Theft Auto V. Who knew that hearing someone yell "I'll get you, you bastard" could be so charming? (1:33)

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    The Insane Power Of Photo Retouching In Just 37 Seconds

    This video, created by, is part of a campaign that would make publications include disclaimers if models have been significantly airbrushed or Photoshopped. And it really is crazy to see just how much work it takes to turn an "average" woman into a supermodel. (0:37)

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    True Facts About The Cuttlefish

    There is literally nothing about the cuttlefish that isn't completely bizarre. (We're sorry, they mate how?) Sit back and let Ze Frank tell you all about 'em. (4:50)

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    The Most Gloriously Entertaining Airline Safety Video Ever

    There are singing flight attendants and rapping kids and a dancing nun and basically this is so much fun it's ridiculous. Well played, Virgin America, well played. (5:00)

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    Wait, A Guy In A Skeleton Costume Dancing Around Los Angeles?

    Yup! And to make things even more randomly great, that's Ryan Gosling's perfect singing voice you hear in the background. (3:17)

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