The Delightfully Artsy New "It’s Always Sunny" Promos Lead The Daily Links

Plus a supercut of Vince Vaughn whining, China’s first generation of stand-up comics, and the woman who says a hawk is stalking her chihuahua.

The new promos for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are very artsy. Artsy as in foreign-film artsy. - [Splitsider]

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Do hawks hunt chihuahuas? According to one Upper West Side woman, the answer is definitely yes. - [New York Post]

Ad agencies are scrambling to figure out the internet generation. Judging by this series of trippy new spots, McDonald’s might just have nailed it. - [Motherboard]

“Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury is already a pretty amazing song. But this version with the vocal track isolated is guaranteed to give you chills. - [Uproxx]

Meet Konatsu the bunny. She does bunny stuff, which is to say, not too much. - [RocketNews24

Vince Vaughn, whiner extraordinaire: A supercut. - [NextMovie]

Sina Weibo / Via

Can Western-style stand-up comedy work in China? A new generation of performers is going to find out. - [The Atlantic]

We typically associate eating disorders with women. But these are stories about what it’s like to date a man with one. - [The Cut]

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