The Guy Who Tried To Hide A Phone In His Butt Leads The Daily Links

Plus a bizarrely funny supercut of Robert De Niro crying, a new use for Tetris, and the 10 most ridiculous anti-drug PSAs of the 80s and 90s.

That’s a butt on the left and an iPhone on the right. And as one ex-con learned, one of these things does not belong inside the other. - [Betabeat]

Left image courtesy of ButtFeed; right image courtesy of CNET

David Bowie’s iconic album Aladdin Sane was released 40 years ago today. To celebrate, check out these 10 animated illustrations for each track. - [Flavorwire]

A supercut of Robert De Niro crying should not be this funny. But it is. - [NextMovie]

The very first YouTube video was uploaded eight years ago today. It’s called “Me at the zoo.” - [Huffington Post Tech]

Someone stole this bike, but then they felt bad and returned it with the greatest apology note of all time. - [Uproxx]

Meet “Stalker Sarah.” She’s 17 years old, and she’s taken thousands of selfies with celebrities. - [The Cut]

Remember that completely insane episode of Saved by the Bell where Jessie gets hooked on caffeine pills? There sure were a lot of incredibly unrealistic anti-drug PSA’s in the 80s and 90s! - [Death and Taxes]

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