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This "Mean Girls" Deleted Scene May Explain Why Cady Breaks The Plastic Crown

This is a side to Regina we're not used to seeing.

A deleted scene from Mean Girls went viral over the weekend after fans were shocked to see the character Regina George “show a different side". / Paramount Pictures

The scene shows queen bee Regina confront Cady in the bathroom at the school prom.

Instead of delivering a scathing one-liner to Cady, Regina tells a story about a dollhouse she destroyed rather than let anyone else own it. Fans of the cult classic said that it was a "shame" the scene was cut as it showed Regina's vulnerability and "human side."

Many fans also felt the story about breaking the dollhouse added important context as to why Cady later breaks the plastic prom crown and tosses it out to girls in the crowd, including Regina.

Paramount Pictures

The ~breaking parallels~.

The scene isn't new and has been circulated on social media for several years, and it even featured in the Mean Girls DVD. But for those who haven't seen it before, the full scene can be viewed here:

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