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This Girl Used Her Yearbook Quote To Call Out Her School's Sexist Dress Code

"Girls are being objectified and sexualised every day ... I definitely think it's a problem."

Last week, a girl’s feminist yearbook quote went viral – but she’s not the only teen using their yearbook to make a statement. Chloe Cross, a student in California, decided to do a similar thing.

Cross said she had been harassed at San Mateo High School, and that administrators had often blamed it on her because of what she wore.

She told Yahoo that her school's dress code was "sexist" and that students had begun to speak up about the "illogical rules and unfair punishment" of the guidelines.

"The girls at my school suffer the most, especially those that have long legs or larger chests," she said. "Girls are being objectified and sexualised every day ... and even though people aren't always talking about it I definitely think it is always a problem."

So to speak out against the dress code, Cross decided to use her yearbook quote to make a statement about what she had experienced at her school.

Her yearbook quote quickly went viral on Tumblr after Amandla Stenberg, the actor who played Rue in Hunger Games, reblogged the photo.

Stenberg recently took Jaden Smith (above) to her prom.

Cross said she wanted to highlight how “stupid” it is to say girls are being “distracting” and making it “hard for others to learn” because of their clothing.

Cross stressed that the quote was not a joke, and that she "wanted to leave behind something meaningful and important" as her senior quote.

"Although it was worded in a sarcastic and humorous way," she said, "I was truly trying to get a message across about sexism in my school (and others) and how genuinely stupid I find the defence of the dress code to be."

"Why shouldn't I have said something that makes people think about why they blame girls for distracting boys instead of boys for lacking the self-control to remain on task?"

BuzzFeed has contacted Cross and the San Mateo High School for a comment.

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