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Here Are 10 Classic Movie Plotlines Without The Sexism

McSweeney’s rewrote plotlines to classic films, but changed them "not to be sexist”. Here’s what they’d look like.

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2. Gone With the Wind

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"Rhett kisses and grabs at Scarlett against her will. Scarlett informs Rhett that though they are married, she still has autonomy over her body and has the right to refuse sex. The pair ascend the staircase in thoughtful conversation, and Rhett wakes up the next morning glowing with newfound feminist awareness."

3. A Streetcar Named Desire

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"Stanley has spent the film waging psychological warfare against Blanche, who has called him a brute and an animal. In the film's climax, he tells her how insulted and objectified he has felt and firmly asks her to leave his house."


6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


"Snow White, who happens to have a real name (Theresa), tells the dwarves about being stifled by the expectations placed on her by the patriarchal structure of the kingdom's monarchy. She earns her keep by working alongside the dwarves in the mine."

7. King Kong

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"A strong female character exercises her desire and drags a man to the top of the Empire State Building. The citizens of New York applaud a woman for being aggressive in a relationship."


10. Beauty and the Beast

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"The second Belle sees a chance to escape from the Beast, she runs and gets help from the police, who do not question her right to accuse a wealthy man of a crime. Later, Gaston politely asks Belle on a date and does not pressure her when she declines."

All movie descriptions originally written by Blythe Roberson and republished by BuzzFeed with permission from McSweeney's.