23 Moments From "The Office" That'll Probably Be Funny For The Rest Of Your Life

    "Well, just tell him to call me as ASAP as possible."

    1. When Michael Scott signed up for an online dating service:

    2. When the entire office decided to test what Stanley wouldn't notice:

    3. When Dwight wondered if king-size sheets are called presidential-size in England:

    4. This eleven dollar masterpiece:

    5. And this:

    6. This iconic chili spill:

    7. When Michael followed his GPS directly into the lake:

    8. This amazing declaration:

    9. When Michael wrote this:

    10. Dwight's many disguises:

    11. This iconic comeback:

    12. When the pranks still continued all the way from Stamford:

    13. Not quite how it works:

    14. When Michael invented a new flavor of ice cream:

    15. When Stanley showed his excitement about Pretzel Day:

    16. When Kelly received this Valentine's Day card:

    17. When Dwight hadn't heard of Justin Bieber:

    18. When Kelly became the cutest girl in the office:

    19. When Michael burned his foot on a George Foreman grill:

    20. When Jim and Pam pulled off this ultimate prank:

    21. When Michael, Andy, and Dwight got way too into Parkour:

    22. This perfect timing:

    23. And finally...

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