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17 Refreshingly Honest Realities Of Raising A Kid With ADHD

Finding your zen will help them find theirs.

Robin Finn One year ago

13 Things Midlife Moms Should NOT Do When They're Feeling Restless

Take some advice from Alex Hoffman, the married, mom-of-three and main character in the season's steamy new novel, RESTLESS IN L.A. and do NOT reconnect with your old lover on Facebook. And definitely don't meet him for dinner!

Robin Finn 2 years ago

28 Dinge, die Dir keiner über das Leben mit einem ADHS-Kind erzählt

Ist es hart für Dich, ein Kind mit ADHS großzuziehen? Du musst die Augenringe ignorieren und lernen, loszulassen.

Robin Finn 4 years ago

28 cosas que nadie te dice sobre tener un hijo con TDAH

¿Trabajas duro para criar a un niño con TDAH? Ignora esas miradas que apestan y aprende a soltar.

Robin Finn 4 years ago

28 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Kid With ADHD

Working hard to raise a kid with ADHD? Ignore the stink eyes and learn to let it go.

Robin Finn 4 years ago