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28 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Kid With ADHD

Working hard to raise a kid with ADHD? Ignore the stink eyes and learn to let it go.

1. People don't get it. / Via

ADHD is not a personality defect; it's a neurobehavioral disorder.

2. You can love your child and still be super annoyed.


ADHD kids forget their homework, their lunchbox, and the jacket you just bought at Target. Even when you remind them. Which you do. All the time.

3. It's okay to feel angry.

Every day feels like Groundhog's Day. Same issue, different day. You're only human.

4. It can be a lonely road. / Via

People, ADHD does NOT mean: Avoid/Diss/Harangue/Don't Invite.

5. Other parents are judgy.


This is a big reason why it's so important to find people who get you—and your kid.

6. Many ADHD kids (two-thirds) have other challenges. / Via

Think obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), anxiety, autism, sensory issues. It ain’t easy.

7. Some people don't believe ADHD exists. / Via

"Good parenting will fix that ADHD." Right. And the world is flat, vaccines are bad, etc.

8. People will interrogate you over your child's diet.

ABC / Via

Does he eat gluten? Fish oils? Red dye #40? Processed foods?

9. Thinking ahead is good. / Via

ADHD kid + snack + bustling restaurant + quick service = good times

10. Failing to think ahead is bad.

ADHD kid + hunger + quiet restaurant + long wait = losing your mind (both you and your child!)

11. A sense of humor is required.

Fox / Via

If you don't laugh, you'll cry. Laughing is better.

12. Everyone has an opinion on medication (and they're not afraid to share it.)

Fox / Via

"Is she on meds? Which ones? Have you tried homeopathy?"

13. If you are medicating, you will wonder if you shouldn't.

Disney / Via

Will she be short, get cancer, suffer side effects?

14. If you're not medicating, you will wonder if you should. / Via

Will he become a criminal, drug addict, dropout?

15. You will worry that your child has been labeled.

He's difficult! She's a nuisance! That kid is trouble!

16. You will worry that your child is misunderstood. / Via

She doesn't try! His head's in the clouds! She's a daydreamer!

17. You will love or hate your doctor. / Via

Depending on how your child is doing and how long it takes them to call you back.

18. You will love or hate your school.


Depending on how your child is doing and how often the teacher calls you.

19. You will suspect your child has early-onset Alzheimers. / Via

She doesn't—even if she can't remember what you told her ten seconds ago.

20. You will suspect that your child is a narcissist.


ADHD kids are hyper-focused on what they want. Think of your child as the world's most effective self-advocate. It'll make you feel better.

21. Potty training never ends.


You have to slow down and pay attention to have good aim. Neither of which is your kid's forte. You may want to consider toilet seat covers.

22. You will be pushed to the brink of your humanity. / Via

You will google "military school. " And mean it.

23. Your heart will expand. / Via

You will become a deeper, more compassionate person. Watching your child struggle does that to a parent.

24. Your nails will grow longer and sharper. / Via

Ever heard of a mama bear? That's the parent of an ADHD kid.

25. You will develop advocacy skills you never thought you had. / Via

SST? IEP? 504? You know exactly what they mean.

26. You will be jealous.

BBC / Via

Why is everybody else's kid so easy? Never mind, compare = despair.

27. Gratitude is everything. / Via

You will be forever grateful to the parents, teachers, and kids who show compassion, inclusion, and humor. They will reach out to you and your child. You will never forget it.

28. You will learn to LET IT GO.


And if not, wine helps.