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    12 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In 2016

    A quick reminder of some of the not-so-terrible things people have done this year.

    1. This photo of 13-year-old Jewish and Muslim best friends dressing as new superhero team, The Juslims, for Halloween.

    Jeff Pearlman / Via Twitter: @jeffpearlman

    And the reaction they received.

    Everything that is right in the world is in this picture. Can these two teach the rest of the world how to love you…

    This is how you actually make America great again.

    2. This Snapchat of a guy who drove 50 miles to give his best friend a banana because he was hungry.

    Martin Peredo / Via Twitter: @supmartin
    Martin Peredo / Via Twitter: @supmartin

    3. This picture of an aunt who took her niece to a father-daughter dance because she doesn't have a father.

    Kristen Roulet

    Complete with comedy moustache.

    when u don't have a dad for the dad/daughter dance so ur aunt wears a fake mustache and dances w u anyways ❤️

    4. The video of the guy who dressed up as his dog's favourite toy for Halloween, which made it go predictably crazy with joy.

    You can watch the full, joyous exchange here:

    View this video on YouTube

    5. This photo of awestruck young girls meeting Kristen Wiig at the Ghostbusters premiere that shows us why representation matters.

    Look at these childhoods that have been ruined!

    Eric Charbonneau / AP

    6. This photo of 28-year-old Josh Marshall, who got a tattoo of his son's cancer surgery scar to help him feel less self-conscious.

    7. This heartwarming letter a school in Merseyside sent to an 11-year-old autistic boy after he failed his SATs.

    Gail Twist

    You can read the full story, and an interview with Ben's mum, Gail, here.

    Gail Twist

    8. This photo of a 28-year-old homeless man in Cape Town who picks up litter from the beach every day, without pay, because he wants it to look nice for the tourists.

    The caption on the original Facebook post from 34-year-old Cape Town resident, Jay Margolis, reads:

    So this afternoon I was in Bantry Bay waiting for a client to arrive and I see this chap putting two big bags into the rubbish bin. 15 minutes later, he arrives with another two big bags of rubbish and put them in the bin…
    When I come back, 45 minutes later, I see him filling another two big packets and wait for him to have a chat. Turns out, “he’s embarrassed about the pollution, and wants the beaches looking good for the tourists, and for the sea” - Quoted.
    He hasn’t been asked to do this, and doesn’t have a job. He goes on to tell me that he cleans the beaches every day, and for no reason other than he wants to “make the place nice”, and then with massive pride, pulls out his temp ID, to show me his name. He goes on to tell me that he got this, but still has to collect his Green ID book. Bought him lunch and left feeling so proud of people like this that live in our beautiful country.
    What a legend, Siyabulela Dan Magobiyane! City of Cape Town, give this man a job!

    9. This powerful selfie taken by two gymnasts, one North Korean and one South Korean, at the Rio Olympics.

    Dylan Martinez / Reuters

    10. This incredible photo of Dutch football team ADO Den Haag's fans throwing hundreds of stuffed toys down to sick children who were sitting below them.

    WoW prachtige foto van de Haagse knuffelregen in De Kuip. #feyADO #ADO #Feyenoord

    The children were from Sophia Children’s Hospital and had been invited by the home side, Feyenoord.

    When the away fans found out where the children would be sat, they planned the incredible gesture. Check out the video below.

    Knuffels van aanhang ADO voor kinderen van Sophia Kinderziekenhuis. Hulde. #feyado #ADO #Feyenoord

    11. The moment Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee sacrificed his own chances of winning a race to help his brother – who was about to collapse – across the line.

    Elizabeth Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

    Meaning South African athlete Henri Schoeman came out on top instead. Schoeman had been neck and neck with Ali until he stopped to help his younger brother.

    Elizabeth Ruiz / AFP / Getty Images

    12. These students who surprised their teacher with two kittens after her cat passed away.

    Watch the video below:

    We surprised our teacher with kittens because her cat passed away yesterday💗