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    This Teen Took Her Aunt To A Father And Daughter Dance And People Loved It

    Get you an aunt who can do both.

    Sydney Lawrence, 17, from Crosby, Texas, didn't want to be embarrassed by not having a partner for her school's father and daughter dance.

    Kristen Roulet

    So because her dad isn't in her life, Lawrence's aunt was happy to do the honours.

    when u don't have a dad for the dad/daughter dance so ur aunt wears a fake mustache and dances w u anyways ❤️

    "The moustache was originally a joke, but I insisted I wanted her to wear one. I thought it would be really hilarious," she added.

    Kristen Roulet, 34, a police officer, told BuzzFeed News she didn't hesitate to tell her niece she would be there for her.

    Kristen Roulet

    Roulet said: "I am a police officer and was working [the night of the practice] but they videoed it for me, so we went over it the day of the dance and crushed it.

    "The moustache was just a little touch to make it more fun and memorable."

    Lawrence said people loved what her aunt did for her.

    "I never really knew my father, he never had a part in my life, and my mother is like my best friend. [She] and my aunt solely raised me," Lawrence said. "And I think having two women who love you insanely is better than having a father."