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    This Woman's Incredible Make-Up Transformations Are Spooky Yet Beautiful

    Joyce Spakman has been experimenting with make-up since she was 14.

    Dutch make-up artist Joyce Spakman has a real eye for the weird and wonderful.

    The 23-year-old transforms her models using incredible make-up and props.

    Spakman told BuzzFeed News her love for make-up began when she was 14.

    "I was a huge fan of the band Panic! at the Disco," she said. "The guitarist always had these facepaints when they had a concert. I was so inspired by that."

    Spakman said she attended a make-up artist school in Amsterdam from the age of 19.

    "Those three years were the best years of my life, she added. "[I] learned so much there and I also found a passion for styling, making headpieces, styling wigs, and photography. All those things are self-taught."

    She said an extreme make-up session can take two or three hours.

    She said she gets inspiration from Tim Burton films, as well as tattoos, different cultures, and illustrations.

    Spakman said she hoped to continue inspiring people with her work.

    "I think that's most important," she concluded. "Also, I want to keep teaching make-up and pass on everything I know to other people."

    You can check out more of Spakman's work on Facebook and Instagram.