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    This Stunning Timelapse Video Shows The UK Airspace On An Average Day

    SPOILER: It's very busy up there.

    This video has been released by air traffic management company NATS:

    NATS / Via

    The clip shows the day starting with the transatlantic flights entering UK airspace.

    NATS / Via

    We're then shown the incredible number of flights in and out of London every single day.

    NATS / Via

    And the fascinating "holding stacks" above the main airports used to maintain UK air traffic.

    NATS / Via

    The video also highlights the unique flight patterns of military training out at sea

    NATS / Via

    According to NATS, Prestwick Control Centre in Ayrshire deals with 2,500 flights each day.

    NATS / Via

    As well as commercial flights, the video also shows the number of helicopter flights from Aberdeen to the North Sea oil and gas platforms.

    NATS / Via Flickr: natspressoffice

    NATS previously released videos looking at the number of flights over Europe and the North Atlantic.

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