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This Player Apparently Got His World Cup Miss Tattooed On His Back And "Blessed" On His Face

Never forget.

Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla came agonisingly close to knocking hosts Brazil out of the World Cup at the weekend.

AP/Martin Meissner

The 30-year-old striker hit the crossbar in the dying seconds of extra time, with the game deadlocked at 1-1.

The match eventually went to penalties, with Brazil emerging victorious – after Pinilla, Alexis Sanchez and Gonzalo Jara all missed their spot kicks for Chile.

Buda Mendes / Getty

Rather than wanting to forget the heartbreak of missing out on the quarter finals, Pinillas has apparently decided to get a tattoo on his back to remind him of how close he came to being a national hero.

Along with the alleged image, the Chilean striker also reportedly got the words "one centimeter from glory" inked on his body.

Y Pinilla se tatuó el tiro al travesaño.

And he also appears to have "Blessed" and "For Life" tattooed on his FACE.

La sesión de hoy del gran @pinigol51

Why Pinilla, why?

AP/Martin Meissner

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