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    This Is What Happens When You Offer To Drive Drunk People Home For Free

    "Someone I know killed a man while drinking and driving one year ago tonight."

    On Saturday night, Alex Sheen stood in front of a bar and offered to drive people home for free to stop them drink driving.

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    Sheen is the founder of the Because I Said I Would group dedicated to "bettering humanity through promises made and kept”.

    People seemed pretty happy to receive the free ride.

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    This bachelorette party decided to play “Call Me Maybe” on repeat.

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    Apparently the group tried to leave a tip, which Sheen refused to accept.

    However, Bobbi – who was sat in the passenger seat – managed to leave $38 behind in the vehicle.

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    Sheen said the money would be donated to the non-profit group Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

    He spent his Saturday night taxing people around for free to mark the anniversary of the death of 61-year-old photographer Vincent Canzani.

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    Exactly a year earlier, 22-year-old Matthew Cordle hit and killed Canzani while drinking and driving.

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    Cordle got in contact with Sheen and said he wanted to take full responsibility for what he had done and made a recorded confession through the Because I Said I Would social movement.

    The video of his confession has been watched over 2.6 million times and in October Cordle was sentenced to six years in prison.

    View this video on YouTube

    In the video he stated: "I’m begging you, please don't drink and drive. Don't make the same excuses that I did.”


    Sheen said he wanted to spend Saturday evening doing what Cordle would have done if he was a free man.

    A Facebook post also stated the stunt was carried out in memory of Canzani.

    One of the people Sheen picked up on Saturday evening claimed to have helped create the “We are the World” remake following the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010.

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    "He said that he got the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber. How unfortunate," the Because I Said I Would founder said.

    The man, called Jason, also wanted to leave a tip but instead agreed to donate $20 to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

    Because I Said I Would / Imgur
    In all the challenges that our society faces, remember that we all play a role. We can make a promise to care about the safety of others. We can make the promise to never drink and drive. But do not hide behind 'we'. It is your sole responsibility. The only person in this world you can control is yourself. Please share the memory of this innocent man.Rest in Peace Vincent Canzani.

    There is currently an Indiegogo project raising money for an event and YouTube series showcasing human perseverance through promises made and kept.

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