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This Guy’s Story About How His Family Discovered His Fleshlight Is Excruciating

A very NSFW cautionary tale.

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This is the rather unfortunate story of redditor DannySwish1 and his attempts to purchase a sex toy.

The young Reddit user claims that a couple of years ago he ordered a Fleshlight like the one above, but unfortunately his attempts to take delivery of his purchase were scuppered by his younger sister.

In a truly awkward thread on the site, DannySwish1 explains exactly what went wrong.

Our narrator said he then walked into kitchen to find his sister with his Fleshlight wrapped in plastic in the box.

He continues:

And then the real kicker:

"Next day: I'm in the car with my dad, and he casually says something along the lines of: 'So ya got a fleshlight? Maybe I should get one! Do you use condoms with it? It'd probably make it less messy.'"

Here's the whole sorry incident, narrated by fellow Reddit user Cyae1:

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Despite uploading his story to the TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) subreddit, DannySwish1 later admitted the event actually happened a few years ago.

He told BuzzFeed: “This happened sometime around October of 2011. I was around 14 years old, a freshman in high school."

The teenager said his family had pretty much forgotten about the incident now.

"It's gone from something embarrassing to a fairly entertaining story," he added.

"My dad's great with that kind of stuff. He just wants us to be happy and safe, and I doubt a Fleshlight would do much against that. I'm just glad that my mom didn't find out about it."

DannySwish1 said he hadn't expect anything to come of his story and only uploaded it after stumbling across the sub-Reddit.

He said he was especially happy about the narration video.