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    23 Things People From Hampshire Know To Be True

    Yes, the New Forest ponies can go wherever the hell they want.

    1. Winchester Cathedral is the greatest cathedral ever built.

    Jack Pease / Via Flickr: cathedraljack

    2. Micheldever Wood is a gorgeous unknown spot of tranquility.

    Anguskirk / Via Flickr: anguskirk

    3. In fact, the whole damn county is green and luscious.

    Neil Howard / Via Flickr: neilsingapore

    4. Especially the New Forest.

    Steve Wilson / Via Flickr: shedboy

    5. The New Forest ponies are just SO CUTE!

    Digimist / Via Flickr: digimist

    6. But they're also a bit of a pain.

    iNew Forest / Via Flickr: inewforest

    "Get out the f***ing way!"

    7. The bogs can be tricky too.

    8. However, this ugly grey monstrosity in Southampton is actually where you end up spending most of your weekends.


    9. You've spent far too many nights in here – simply because it's open later than anywhere else.


    10. Southampton has also got some big boats.

    Nige Brown / Via Flickr: nigel_brown

    11. And a pub called The Hobbit.

    Simon Phipps / Via Flickr: webmink

    12. It's actually remarkably easy to get around the country from Hampshire and just an hour from London on the train.

    Henry Burrows / Via Flickr: foilman

    13. Basingstoke really doesn't like embracing the festive spirit.

    14. And is apparently so boring Google renamed it "Town Centre".


    15. Bar 3one in Winchester is really called Bar Bone and really called Molokos.


    16. The Mary Rose is the best thing about Portsmouth (and it sank almost 500 years ago...).

    Dan Kitwood / Getty

    17. Gunwharf Quays and WestQuay are surprisingly good shopping centres.

    Ian Southwell/Flickr: southwellpics

    18. Jesters nightclub in Southampton is just the worst.

    A cubicle with 2 toilets and no door. Oh Jesters, you vile, vile place. #jesters #southampton

    Lauren Andrews@laurenfromwork

    A cubicle with 2 toilets and no door. Oh Jesters, you vile, vile place. #jesters #southampton

    10:18 AM - 24 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    19. Clowns next door is pretty bad too.

    20. Hart's pretty damn great though.


    21. As is the sleepy town of Stockbridge.

    Anguskirk / Via Flickr: anguskirk


    22. People in Hampshire like to waste police time in odds ways.


    The three people later came forward and said it was a prank.

    23. But on the whole, this is about as exciting as it gets.

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