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    Steve Carell Sang "Shake It Off" During An Interview And Then Declared His Love For Taylor Swift

    Join the back of the queue Steve.

    Steve Carell appeared on ABC's Popcorn with Peter Travers recently and was asked about the music that plays in his head. This was his answer:

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    Here it is again. Check out the concentration that goes into hitting those first few notes.

    ABC News / Via

    (Click to the volume icon for sound.)

    Ignore the fact Carell's shirt is literally bursting open with excitement.

    Turn to camera and hit those high notes.

    ABC News / Via

    Carell ends by announcing to the world that he loves Taylor Swift.

    ABC News / Via

    And he doesn't care who knows.

    And this was Taylor's response. Don't worry, she's fine.


    Taylor Swift@taylorswift13Follow


    I'm fine.

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