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A Photographer Made These Rescue Dogs Look Like Famous Writers

The photo series has been created to raise awareness for adopting rescue dogs and helping shelters care for the animals.

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Photographer Dan Bannino recently adopted a dog from a rescue shelter and it changed his life forever.

To celebrate, he decided he wanted to give his new pet, Rothko, and millions of other rescue dogs a voice by creating a new photo series entitled Poetic Dogs.

Bannino wrote on the project's IndieGoGo page: "#POETICDOGS is a photo-project where dogs are besides famous writers: Speaking through their expressions, sounds and movements, they're telling you everything saying nothing, just like an author would do with words in a fine poem."

3. Charles Pierre Baudelaire

Dan Bannino

"The difficulty, in addition to attracting their attention in the room, was to reproduce the same expression of the chosen writer," he said. "That's why I invested all this time in this project, trying to communicate with them and always make them having fun."


8. Jean-Paul Sartre

Dan Bannino

"After spending a little time around in the kennel I sort of started to associate the dogs with them: The moves, the eyes, the way they were and the way they interacted had a very important role in choosing who was who," the Italy-based photographer added.