I Regret To Inform You Another Australian Politician Has Eaten A Raw Onion

    It's because there's an election going on, I think.

    This is government minister Matt Canavan. Now watch what he does with that raw onion.

    Maybe @TonyAbbottMHR is on to something here... @onionsaust, what do you reckon?


    Perhaps not the smartest move.


    If you're wondering why on Earth someone would do such a thing, here's Canavan's colleague, former prime minister Tony Abbott, in 2015.

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    There's only one possible explanation for this totally normal behaviour: there must be an election campaign on.

    As you should know by now, Australia's next federal election will be held on Saturday May 18 and those eligible to vote have until this Thursday to enrol or update their details. You can do so here.

    Apart from the onion, here are some other campaign events you may have missed:

    Home affairs minister Peter Dutton issued an apology after accusing his Labor opponent Ali France of "using her disability as an excuse" for not moving to the electorate of Dickson.

    I apologise to Ms France for my comments yesterday. My argument with the Labor candidate is about how our respective policies would affect the people of Dickson.

    Prime minister Scott Morrison suffered a bit of miscommunication during his visit to the Sydney suburb of Strathfield.

    Ah the perils of the campaign street walk. Scott Morrison says “ni hao” to an Asian voter in Strathfield plaza, she responds: “I’m Korean.” #ausvotes

    .@ScottMorrisonMP has had his first street walk of his campaign in the inner west Sydney suburb of Strathfield, greeting locals and visiting a restaurant. @annelisenews: There was a bit of confusion about what kind of restaurant he was in. MORE: https://t.co/ykweMevBOK #auspol

    PM gets a laugh from the crowd when he says ... I'm no Asian languages expert so I'm just going to say g'day ... #ausvotes #AusVotes2019

    That horse Winx won her final race at the weekend and the party leaders were very keen to let everyone know how much they cared. Here's Morrison at the race:

    PM and wife Jenny cheer Winx to victory at Royal Randwick #ausvotes19

    Here's Labor leader Bill Shorten watching the race on his phone on a bus.

    Opposition leader Bill Shorten watching the Winx race - “I love it when the favourite wins” ⁦@abcnews⁩ ⁦@politicsabc⁩ #AusVotes19

    And here's Morrison again on Monday using Winx and the AFL to make an analogy about Labor's tax plan.

    "He's a big unit and you're not going to put a big unit on a horse if you want it to run fast." -PM on why Mason Cox shouldn't ride Winx (And you shouldn't burden the economy with taxes) #auspol

    So confused. Who is Scott Morrison? Only kidding. Please give me citizenship. -❤ Mason Cox https://t.co/YkDzdkQqlL

    Melissa Parke withdrew as Labor's candidate for the seat of Curtin over comments she made at a public meeting last month about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    BREAKING: Melissa Parke has quit as Labor's candidate for Curtin. #auspol

    Parke was reported to have claimed Israel's treatment of Palestinians was "worse than the South African system of apartheid" and said a pregnant woman at a checkpoint was made to drink a bottle of bleach.

    Parke exited hours after the Herald Sun made inquires about her statement to a public meeting last month that she could "remember vividly" the case of "a pregnant refugee woman (who) was ordered at a checkpoint in Gaza, to drink a bottle of bleach." #auspol

    In withdrawing from the contest, Parke said her views on the Middle East were well known but she did not want to be "a distraction from electing a Labor government".

    Labor had been hoping to make an impact in the Western Australian seat of Curtin following the retirement of Liberal MP Julie Bishop.

    The Liberals lost three candidates as the Section 44 nightmare claimed further victims.

    Liberals forced to dump 3 candidates at last minute in Victoria as Section 44 crisis strikes federal election campaign https://t.co/ITE2GM9kEQ @theheraldsun

    Shorten announced Labor did not have an "Armageddon agenda" in response to a headline in The Australian newspaper.

    Bill opened the australian to see a headline that said “vote shorten and Bowen for the end of the world” Shorten responds: “Labor has neither an Apocalypse Policy nor an Armageddon Agenda”

    Remember that fake GetUp character dreamt up by conservative group Advance Australia? Well this clip was tweeted and then deleted over the weekend.

    Seriously, can @TonyAbbottMHR direct his Advance Australia attack dogs not to rub up against photos of his political opponent?

    On Monday Advance Australia's national director Gerard Benedet said the video had been posted "in error".

    Advance Australia says a video showing 'Captain GetUp' gyrating against a billboard of Zali Steggall - posted to the mascot's official Twitter account - was 'posted in error' and has been removed https://t.co/ZZNeBUMIhd via @smh

    This happened. I don't know why.

    Josh Frydenberg just did an impression of Scott Morrison's Borat impression at a campaign rally in Brisbane. #AusVotes19

    Morrison and Shorten were both in Melbourne on Monday.

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    The prime minister was pledging extra funding for roads and Shorten promised more money for hospitals.

    The main story of the morning was the latest Newspoll, which found One Nation's primary vote has dropped to 4%.

    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson maintained she was unconcerned by the poll.

    .@PaulineHansonOz has urged people not to underestimate One Nation and 'the voter power out there' after her party dropped 2 points in the latest #Newspoll. 'We'll wait for the true poll on the day.' MORE: https://t.co/tb2LL9eh0s #PMLive

    The Australian reported an instruction manual for those hoping to represent Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party includes advice on how to answer questions such as "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

    Fraser Anning’s campaign has been giving its prospective candidates advice on how to avoid "loaded" questions such as “Have you stopped beating your wife?” https://t.co/gnSbjsYZb5

    Businessman Clive Palmer said he will pay out "millions of dollars" in outstanding entitlements owed to the workers of Queensland Nickel, which collapsed in 2016.

    Clive Palmer says he will now pay back what's owed to workers who were sacked when Queensland Nickel went bust three years ago. (No mention of the businesses who were owed money - yet.) #auspol #qldpol

    Palmer, who has claimed his United Australia Party will contest every seat at the upcoming election, said today's announcement was not about politics and he wanted to reopen the refinery as soon as possible.

    "As Queensland's richest person..." he says.

    The Australian Electoral Commission launched a campaign encouraging voters to carefully check the source of any "electoral communication" they encounter.

    The Australian Electoral Commission has today started a social media advertising campaign encouraging voters to carefully check the source of electoral communication during this coming federal election. https://t.co/jsr0TW85m9 #auspol #AusVotes2019

    The $30 ScoMo/Big Mac mugs are out of stock.

    Liberal party

    Outside of the federal campaign, we learnt former senator David Leyonhjelm had failed in his attempt to be elected to the NSW upper house.

    David Leyonhjelm unsuccessful in his bid to get elected to the NSW Upper House. Seems this Twitter bio was a bit premature.

    He did update that bio though.


    We've got just under five weeks of this and everyone seems super excited about it.

    “Oh no, here he comes,” says a lady at a table outside the cafe the PM is currently in. Seems she wants to enjoy her Sunday morning coffee in peace. #ausvotes

    Still at least there's Game of Thrones to take your mind off it. Or maybe not.

    #GOT concerns about Bill’s higher taxes? #GameOfThrones

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