A Load Of Fans Have Won Money After Betting Luis Suarez Would Bite Someone At The World Cup

It’s not all bad news.

1. Luis Suarez is facing a lengthy ban after appearing to bite Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s 1-0 victory at the World Cup on Tuesday.

Matthias Hangst / Getty

2. The Liverpool striker has faced widespread criticism but there are some fans applauding his actions after it won them quite a lot of money.

Julian Finney / Getty

3. Swedish fan Mats Johansson made 1,750 krona (£153) after betting 10 krona the Uruguay star would bite someone during the Brazilian World Cup at odds of 175/1.

4. Apparently Johansson contemplated betting 50 krona but “chickened out” and placed a smaller bet instead.

5. The betting site he used, Betsafe, said a total of 39 people bet on Suarez biting someone, with the biggest winner taking home €2,156 (£1,730).

6. FIFA has yet to hand down a ruling on the alleged incident by the betting site has said it will pay out regardless.

A spokesperson told Yahoo: “We saw the incident and thought it was obvious.

“Betsafe players are in it to win it, and we saw no reason to delay them from getting what they deserve.”

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