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Posted on May 14, 2018

This Yes Or No Test Will Reveal If You're In Your 20s Or 30s

Do you sometimes suffer from 2-day hangovers?

  1. Does your friendship circle include acquaintances?

  2. Would you say you're somewhat comfortable in your own skin?

  3. Do you have some savings tucked away?

  4. Do you sometimes get 2-day hangovers?

  5. When you go on holiday do you stay in hostels?

  6. Do you live in a crappy apartment?

  7. Does the idea of staying up past 1am fill you with dread?

  8. Do you suffer from any back issues?

  9. Do you know how to cook some proper dishes?

  10. Would you throw a house party?

  11. Do you have guest towels and sheets?

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