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Posted on May 22, 2018

Can Your Memory Help Solve This Case?

There's a suspicious vehicle on the loose, can you help?

You're driving to your Aunt Linda's house and minding your own business when you notice the car in front of you is acting rather suspiciously. Earlier on today while watching the news, you learned that the police were on the lookout for a car that fits the description of the strange car you've just seen. You pull over and desperately jot down as much information as you can still remember about it.

Nazar_ab / Getty Images

You call the police to tell them what has just happened and they ask you to come in to give a statement. Click "Note" to see what you wrote down in the car.

Shit! You've just arrived at the station and the note is no longer crumpled up in your pocket. Can you remember what you saw and help Officer Farbley with her case?

Kosmos111 / Getty Images

She's desperate to break the case, it's been haunting her for months and now she thinks her hands are guns.

  1. What kind of car did you see?

  2. Do any of these license plates match the vehicle you saw?

  3. Was anything broken on the car?

  4. Can you remember which one was broken?

  5. Was anyone in the back of the car? If so how many people?

  6. Were they male or female?

  7. Where were you when you saw the vehicle?

  8. Did you notice which direction the vehicle was headed in?

  9. Did you get a good look at the driver?

  10. Do you recall if the car had any of the following details?

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