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Let's All Take A Moment To Applaud, Appreciate And Admire Alia Bhatt

The progressive powerhouse NOBODY saw coming.

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1. Because in an industry notorious for having a stick up its butt, she made goofiness and self-deprecation really, really cool.

All India Bakchod

When Bhatt was the butt of the internet's jokes for a general knowledge gaffe on Koffee With Karan, she teamed up with All India Bakchod to release a video about her fictional quest for intelligence.


3. Because, only two years into the industry, she began accepting substantial and challenging roles, even when they came at the price of glamour.

UTV Motion Pictures

Bhatt was 21 when she starred in Highway, a film that put her acting chops on grander display than her face. It was a daring decision for a fledgling Bollywood A-lister, and not one many others have made.

4. Because, at 23, she was cast in a role more intense, demanding, and moving than several actors do in their entire careers. And she frickin' NAILED it.

Balaji Motion Pictures

If you haven't been irrevocably shaken by her performance in Udta Punjab, it's likely you haven't watched it yet.


7. Oh, and in case you forgot, her other release this year, Kapoor And Sons, was the first mainstream Bollywood movie to feature a progressively portrayed gay character.

Fox Star Studios

Yup. Bhatt's two movies this year have tackled Punjab's drug crisis and and at-home upper middle class homophobia. No big deal.

8. Last year, while the industry scrambled to defend Salman Khan during his hit-and-run trial, she was the lone celeb to acknowledge that juuuust maybe he was in the wrong. It's not much. But it's more than anyone else dared say.