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    Ah, Another Reminder That Times Of India Is Actually A Sexual Harasser In Newspaper Form

    How convenient to have toilet paper delivered to our homes every morning.

    It's been a while since the Catcallers of India has unnecessarily attacked a woman – but fans of sexual harassment, do not despair.

    Simply take a glance at this story on the front page of today's New Delhi edition.

    Times of India / Via

    That's right. Front and centre on our nation's most widely circulated English-language daily, in our national capital: a hint of an upskirt.

    This is the lead story in @timesofindia. Unbelievable.

    Let's just recap for one second. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was PAYING RESPECTS TO SLAIN INDIAN SOLDIERS at the Amar Jawan Jyoti yesterday.

    MANISH SWARUP / Stringer

    She was literally paying tribute to soldiers who died defending India.

    MANISH SWARUP / Stringer

    And, in that quiet, peaceful, somber moment, our daily distributed national toilet paper saw this.

    @timesofindia #fail #chutiyapa #idiots times does it again totally classy shit!!

    That's right. Take a deep breath. Take it all in. This is the world we live in now.

    Bey @timesofindia chutiye ho hume pata hai. Baar baar proof nahi chahiye.

    A world where the riveting process of wind touching a woman's skirt gets front-page coverage.

    Anyway. Needless to say, Twitter is seething.

    What is WITH @timesofindia's weird obsession with objectifying women? A FRONT PAGE feature on Kate's "Marilyn Monroe" moment, REALLY?

    There's no point in shaming @timesofindia. They take great pride in their crass endeavours and probably think we're complimenting them.


    Really (non) classy and (dis) tasteful of you @timesofindia

    Shame on @timesofindia for publishing Kate's India Gate on front pg.Will Aranb discuss the shameless act of his fellow journalist@TimesNow

    If it's any consolation to ToI, some foreign press is riding this wave of sleaze with them.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the duchess as she recovers from this apparently momentous face-off with a gust of wind.

    Manish Swarup / Getty Images

    (Let me take this moment to note that Prince William, who appears to have fallen victim to the SAME EXACT GUST OF WIND AT THE SAME EXACT TIME AND LOCATION, has failed to make it to any front pages anywhere for his Marilyn Monroe moment.)

    Manish Swarup

    Instead, he was granted privacy and the basic courtesy of a leeway to be human. Ew.

    The world is cruel to men.