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Updated on Jul 28, 2019. Posted on Jan 8, 2014

26 Things That Happen When Your Significant Other Is Out Of Town

Absence makes the heart grow flippin' insane.

It obviously sucks when your favorite person is going away...

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But nobody warned you about aaaaall the little ways in which your life would change.

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1. You can't watch the next episode of your favorite TV show, because it's tradition to watch them together.

2. You keep ending up with leftover food/coffee because you're used to making enough for two people.

3. You start making plans with all the friends and acquaintances you neglect when your boo is around.

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4. And every time you go to a party or social gathering, you're constantly asked where they are.

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5. You and your S.O. are texting a lot more than you usually do, but about literally nothing.

6. And, if you weren't already, you're definitely best friends on Snapchat now.

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7. At first, you get unreasonably excited about all the extra space in your bed.

8. Then you just end up investing (money and emotions) into a pillow used exclusively for cuddling.

9. If your partner is far enough away, you get really good at doing time difference math.

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10. You decide with full conviction that you'll look great for them when they're back, so you go to the gym...once.

11. You plan your weekends around the two-hour Skype date you will inevitably have.

12. And you fall asleep on the phone or on webcam at least once. Kinda cute, mostly inconvenient.

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13. You make a thousand mental notes for all the cool things you're gonna do together when you're reunited.

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Forgetting than 90% of your time together is actually just spent watching Netflix in bed without pants on.

14. You disgust and nauseate yourself by the number of times you say "I miss you" and "I love you."

15. If they're gone long enough and you aren't already initiated, this is when you make your awkward foray into the world of sexting.

16. So you become an expert at taking *ahem* flattering selfies.

17. And you experiment with every possible video chatting software enough to form well-informed pros and cons lists about each.


The ability to do this ^ goes on FaceTime's pros list.

18. You let some personal hygiene and grooming fall by the wayside.

Although, let's be real, if you've been together long enough, this is no different when they're in town.

19. And, since you can't update them on your bodily functions in person, you find yourself sending and receiving some interesting texts.

20. You've screenshotted and Instagrammed at least one text message convo, or one of these cutesy Skype shots.

21. When you have a bad day, you have no idea what to do with yourself.

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22. Whenever you have a funny experience, your first thought is, I can't wait to tell [your boo] about this.

23. You have a constant mental (or physical) count down to when you'll be reunited...

24. And you're baffled every single day by how slow it's moving.

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25. You realize all the teeny tiny everyday things you're dependent on your S.O. for, and appreciate them tenfold.

26. So now more than ever, you're 100% sure that when you're reunited, the wait will be worth it.

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