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We Asked Priyanka Chopra About Being A Woman In Entertainment, And She Got Real

"As a woman I need to work 100 times harder and yet will not be on par with my male colleagues in terms of renumeration or opportunities," the A-lister told BuzzFeed.

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Now straddling Indian and American pop culture, the trailblazer has unique insights into the two vastly different industries... So we decided to ask her a few questions.


And the Bollywood A-lister took a break from her insane life to tell BuzzFeed India how she really feels about the way Bollywood and Hollywood treat its leading ladies.

Your body has been subject to lots of scrutiny by the media, whether you're dancing in "Exotic" or muscling up for Mary Kom. Do you think people pay too much attention to actress' physical attributes and too little to their work?