Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Is Your New Celebrity Crush

She just released a music video featuring Pitbull and, in her own words, she’s “hotter than the tropics.”

1. Meet Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra.

ID: 1358880

2. She’s a former Miss World, which explains this world class frolicking.

ID: 1358818

3. And she just made a foray into the international pop scene with “Exotic,” a song featuring Pitbull.

ID: 1358871

4. Here she is in the “Exotic” music video, emerging from the ocean like a sepia-toned goddess.

ID: 1358810

5. All that frolicking made her need to stretch a little. NOT MAD.

ID: 1358889

6. Taking a moment to bask in her own beauty. And who can blame her?

ID: 1358893

7. OMG, she sees you.

ID: 1359990

8. She’s inviting you to something! While being perfect!

ID: 1358859

9. Here she is striking a pool-side pose. Because she can.

ID: 1358925

10. All dried off and going for the most seductive stroll of all time.

ID: 1358820

11. While shrouding her beauty with this black cloth because she knows it’s way too much for us to handle all at once.

ID: 1358832

12. Ever wonder what it looks like when a goddess wiggles her fingers? WONDER NO MORE.

ID: 1358865

13. Trying so hard to keep her hair in check but it insists on being perfectly flyaway.

ID: 1358897

14. Seriously, it just won’t behave. #supermodelstruggles

ID: 1358908

15. Didn’t even notice Mr. Worldwide. Too busy staring at Miss World.

ID: 1358822

16. Question: What mortal can pull off gold pants? Answer: PRIYANKA CAN.

ID: 1358906

17. She is a veritable expert at finger-wagging. Her other talent is being drop-dead gorgeous.

ID: 1358912

18. This is what everyone looks like when they casually stand in their balconies, right?

ID: 1358920

19. Strolling through the woods, safe in the knowledge that her perfection will protect her from wild animals and stuff.

ID: 1360120

20. Now that she’s in the woods, she may as well dance.

ID: 1358930

21. Look how she frames her perfect face with her perfect hands.

ID: 1358939

22. Game over.

ID: 1360038

23. Watch the full video here.

ID: 1360082

24. Now that you know what true love feels like, go take a cold shower.

ID: 1360090

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