Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Is Your New Celebrity Crush

She just released a music video featuring Pitbull and, in her own words, she’s “hotter than the tropics.”

1. Meet Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra.

2. She’s a former Miss World, which explains this world class frolicking.

3. And she just made a foray into the international pop scene with “Exotic,” a song featuring Pitbull.

4. Here she is in the “Exotic” music video, emerging from the ocean like a sepia-toned goddess.

5. All that frolicking made her need to stretch a little. NOT MAD.

6. Taking a moment to bask in her own beauty. And who can blame her?

7. OMG, she sees you.

8. She’s inviting you to something! While being perfect!

9. Here she is striking a pool-side pose. Because she can.

10. All dried off and going for the most seductive stroll of all time.

11. While shrouding her beauty with this black cloth because she knows it’s way too much for us to handle all at once.

12. Ever wonder what it looks like when a goddess wiggles her fingers? WONDER NO MORE.

13. Trying so hard to keep her hair in check but it insists on being perfectly flyaway.

14. Seriously, it just won’t behave. #supermodelstruggles

15. Didn’t even notice Mr. Worldwide. Too busy staring at Miss World.

16. Question: What mortal can pull off gold pants? Answer: PRIYANKA CAN.

17. She is a veritable expert at finger-wagging. Her other talent is being drop-dead gorgeous.

18. This is what everyone looks like when they casually stand in their balconies, right?

19. Strolling through the woods, safe in the knowledge that her perfection will protect her from wild animals and stuff.


20. Now that she’s in the woods, she may as well dance.

21. Look how she frames her perfect face with her perfect hands.

22. Game over.

23. Watch the full video here.

24. Now that you know what true love feels like, go take a cold shower.

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