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    19 Things Belfast Has That Dublin Should Get Immediately

    There's a reason they chose to film Game Of Thrones here. That's right, we went there.

    1. The Ulster Fry

    2. This delicious Northern Irish brew

    3. Reasonably priced drinks

    4. Apartments with views like this

    5. Potato farls

    6. Affordable student housing

    7. The Cathedral Quarter

    8. Belfast baps

    9. Monuments that look like this

    10. A view of the mountains

    Gerard Callaghan / Via / Creative Commons

    Even when you're standing in Belfast's city centre, you can look up and see green hills in the background.

    11. A view from the mountains

    12. University buildings that are this beautiful

    13. Hangover joints like this

    14. This coast

    15. Holylands house parties

    View this video on YouTube

    Holylands HouseParty / Via

    Combine with Buckfast for a truly insightful evening.

    16. The Filthy Quarter

    17. Beautiful parliamentary buildings

    18. This waterfront

    19. Listed bars

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