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19 Things Belfast Has That Dublin Should Get Immediately

There's a reason they chose to film Game Of Thrones here. That's right, we went there.

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1. The Ulster Fry

Which obviously includes the potato farl, an integral part of any Northern Irish breakfast, a.k.a. the breakfast of champions.

2. This delicious Northern Irish brew

You feel better about having a fry when you drink something with "VITAMIN C" written across the side of it. Even if it is mostly sugar.

3. Reasonably priced drinks

Can Dublin offer you six shots for £6 at the Eglantine Inn? Thought not.

4. Apartments with views like this

That's the gorgeous view from the Arc development in the Titanic Quarter.

5. Potato farls

Anything else leads to a substandard breakfast.

6. Affordable student housing

Of course, it helps that the Eg is only five minutes away from Elms.

7. The Cathedral Quarter

Eat your heart out, Temple Bar. The Cathedral Quarter is full of quirky bars where you can get marvelously drunk and still feel kind of classy about it.

8. Belfast baps

You can also take your Ulster Fry ingredients inside a bap. Traditionally a white floury bun is used, but you can use potato farls too.

9. Monuments that look like this

It may be a big ol' tourist attraction, but it's still a wonderful commemoration of Belfast's contribution to the RMS Titanic. And you can't beat running past it on a cold, clear morning.

10. A view of the mountains

Even when you're standing in Belfast's city centre, you can look up and see green hills in the background.
Gerard Callaghan / Via / Creative Commons

Even when you're standing in Belfast's city centre, you can look up and see green hills in the background.

11. A view from the mountains

Via / Creative Commons

Cave Hill and the Mourne Mountains are just a 30 minute drive from the city centre.

12. University buildings that are this beautiful

It's not Hogwarts, but sometimes we like to pretend it is.

13. Hangover joints like this

Walking into Maggies (when you can get a seat) is like getting a big hug from your mum on a hangover. Except it's kind of better, 'cause they give you your hot chocolate with about 23 marshmallows on it.

14. This coast

OK, so the Giant's Causeway is a two-hour drive from the city, but we're still laying claim to it. It. Is. Epic.

15. Holylands house parties

View this video on YouTube

Holylands HouseParty / Via

Combine with Buckfast for a truly insightful evening.

16. The Filthy Quarter

A few different bars squeezed under one roof with plenty of delicious cocktails and fairy lights to jazz it up a bit.

17. Beautiful parliamentary buildings

We're not making any comment on the government inside, but Stormont House is pretty damn picturesque.

18. This waterfront

Say what you will about the rest of Belfast, but the waterfront on the Lagan has become seriously iconic. Those big yellow cranes? They're called Samson and Goliath, that's the Titanic Building and the SS Nomadic, and if you're lucky (or just out very early) you'll see QUB rowers on the Lagan too.

19. Listed bars

The Crown is actually a Grade A listed building, and it's one of the best examples of a Victorian gin palace in the UK. That's reason enough to go for a pint. Maybe not Guinness though - we'll let you have that one, Dublin.