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Photographic Firsts

These photographs are well deserving of being FIRST!!!!!!!!1!!!!11!1111!111!one. Via.

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  • 1. First Image of a Human (1838 or 1839)

    "Boulevard du Temple", taken by Louis Daguerre.

  • 2. First Image of a Human Face (1839)

    A self portrait taken by Robert Cornelius.

  • 3. First X-Ray Image (1895)

    Hand of Mrs. Wilhelm Roentgen

  • 4. The First Digital Image (1957)

    A picture of Walden Kirsch scanned in by his father, Russell.

  • 5. The First View of Earth (1972)

    Shot from Apollo 17.

  • 6. the First Image Clicked on by a Browser (1992)

    An image of the CERN band, LHC (Les Horribles Cernettes).

  • 7. First Image of a Molecule (2009)

    Taken by scientists at IBM.