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14 Famous Philosophical Quotes Explained With Kanye Lyrics

Philosophical quotes can be needlessly obtuse, so let's have Ye break it down for us. Everyone knows about his affinity for Nietzsche, but Yeezus has a lot more to teach his disciples about famous philosophical phrases.

15 People Who Are Really Excited For New Music

Social media is a place where everyone's voice can be heard. And people have some very strong opinions about new music, that's for sure. Sign up for a free Rdio account to hear brand new albums today!

10 Life Lessons We Learned From Lil Wayne

We've learned a lot from Mr. Carter over the years. Stay strong, Wayne. Our Get Well Soon card is a reminder of your poetic wisdom. Sign in to Rdio to hear the whole Lil Wayne wisdom collection.

12 Songs You Probably Never Want To Hear Again

These are the songs that will forever haunt your Lite FM dreams (and you secretly love at least two of them). But just in case you forgot these nefarious mind-melding melodies, let's go through them one more time. Maestro! Sign in to Rdio to hear the full songs.

11 Potential Future Snoop Animals

Snoop Dogg has only recently transformed into Snoop Lion, but imagine all the other Snoop Animals and genres waiting to be unleashed into the Izzleverse. Here are a few predictions for other musical avenues the Snoopmobile can take to sonic glory. "Reincarnated" comes out in theatres March 15th. DVD and album available April 16th. Listen to the single "La La La" now on Rdio.

10 Fictional Movie Bands We Wish Would Release A New Album

Most fictional bands have only released one or two songs, and if we were lucky, a whole album. But that's it. Here's a few that should keep going. Sign in to Rdio to hear the full songs!

10 Songs With Hidden Messages

These classic songs have a bit more to them than meets the eye. The advent of recorded music also meant the ability to backmask -- hiding an audio cue through recording tricks embedded within songs. If you've ever wondered what your favorite artist was actually saying, read on. Sign in to Rdio to hear the full songs!

Quiz: Taylor Swift Song Or Self-Help Book?

T. Swift's catchy melodies and heart-on-her-sleeve lyricism has captured the attention of America (and us), but we've noticed a trend. Now let's see how close you've been paying attention to those song titles. Sign in to Rdio to hear the full songs!