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15 People Who Are Really Excited For New Music

Social media is a place where everyone's voice can be heard. And people have some very strong opinions about new music, that's for sure. Sign up for a free Rdio account to hear brand new albums today!

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1. This person, who is definitely admitting a little too much (and living in 1999?).

No need! It's free!
Via Twitter: @Brit_Th3Prodigy

No need! It's free!

2. This person, who has their priorities in order.

3. This guy, who probably can't wait for the new Goo Goo Dolls joint, "Rebel Beat".

4. This girl who is bearing her sugar-coated soul.

5. This guy who literally took an entire day off to listen to "13" and is not sad. At all.

6. This whole "taking a day off" thing must be a new trend.

7. This person who doesn't judge a book by its cover.

8. This person who judges everyone, for some reason.

9. This guy who is getting really coloquial with his boy HZ.

10. And this person, who is a little too metal for normal society.

11. This person who is OUTRAGED at ALL OF YOU.

12. This girl who is NOT sharing.

13. This person, who has a pretty great game plan for chores.

14. This person, who is in denial about her love of Country tunage.

15. And finally, this kid, who probably hasn't been using the Internet to its full potential.

You're in luck! It's out there for free! Get to a computer!
Via Twitter: @earthtokaty_

You're in luck! It's out there for free! Get to a computer!

No need to scrounge for your favorite new music, it's all 100% free when you sign up for a new Rdio account today!