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10 Fictional Movie Bands We Wish Would Release A New Album

Most fictional bands have only released one or two songs, and if we were lucky, a whole album. But that's it. Here's a few that should keep going. Sign in to Rdio to hear the full songs!

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2. The Weird Sisters


It's essentially a super-group magicked together by the Harry Potter films, featuring members of Radiohead and Pulp (including Phil Selway, Jonny Greenwood, and Jarvis Cocker). Who cares if they are singing about hippogriffs?? Related: hippogriffs are the best.

3. Sex Bob-Omb


We could wait for the vague possibility of a Scott Pilgrim sequel, but we'd rather just get a full album of scratchy, aggressive riffs and angsty, reverberated lyrics RIGHT NOW. Movies take forever.

4. School of Rock


Sure there's plenty of Jack Black to go around, but Tenacious D just doesn't have the same emotional veracity as a bunch of kids performing kick-ass music. Just one more sweet Lawrence keyboard solo. Please.

5. No Vacancy


School Of Rock had not one, but TWO kind-of-plausible fake bands. The second was fronted by Adam Pascal, the original Roger from Broadway's Rent (that explains the pipes). Pascal had a solo career as well, but it never seemed to pack quite the punch of his brief film foray into band territory.

6. Spinal Tap


OK, so they *technically* already released a second album and it's been a while, but everyone knows the sophomore slump doesn't count. Spinal Tap 3 will restore their former glory. We can feel it.

10. The Wonders


So what if The Wonders were a fictional one-hit act? Wouldn't you like to see Guy and Jimmy and Lenny and the other guy (what was the name of the bass player again? KIDDING.) reunite for their more "experimental" years? Just as long as Playtone doesn't try to sign them to a 360 deal.

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