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The Unnecessarily Censored Version Of Finding Nemo Is Freaking Hilarious

"Just keep ****ing, just keep ****ing, what do we do, we ****."

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With some strategically placed bleeps and blurring, comic Jake Vale turned Disney's Finding Nemo into one awesomely filthy film.

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Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's "unnecessary censorship" sketches, he previously gave a similar treatment to Disney's Frozen.

Suddenly Dory's songs aren't so wholesome.

"Just keep ****ing, just keep ****ing."

And the whole thing is a lot...creepier.

"Hello, f***er!"

But also kind of perfect.

"Aww, you guys made me [BLEEP]."


Run, kid. Run.

Where can I buy tickets?

h/t Tastefully Offensive