25 Classic Photos Of Lou Reed You Have To See

    From partying with Andy Warhol to performing on Saturday Night Live, a look back on the early life of one of rock music's greatest icons, who died Oct. 27.

    1. Lou Reed's 1959 yearbook photo from Freeport High School, which described his likes as "music, and naturally, girls."

    2. An early photo of Lou Reed and John Cale, two of the original members of the band Velvet Underground.

    3. Velvet Underground perform at the Filmmakers Cinematheque in NYC on Feb. 8, 1966. In the forefront, model and actress Edie Sedgwick dances with poet Gerard Malanga.

    4. In 1968, Reed hung out with Andy Warhol and Malanga at Salvation, a hip disco in Greenwich Village.

    5. A 1969 shot of Velvet Underground. Reed would quit the band the next year.

    6. An introspective portrait of the singer in London in January, 1972.

    7. A performance at the Carre Theatre in Amsterdam on Sept. 30, 1972.

    8. In September 1973, an audience watched Reed perform at the Crystal Palace Garden Party festival in London while standing in water.

    9. A 1974 concert photo.

    10. Rehearsing with John Cale in New York in 1975.

    11. Reed poses for a portrait in a studded leather jacket for the cover of his album Lou Reed Live, which was released in March 1975.

    12. Looking like a rockstar while smoking a cigarette during a 1976 interview in Amsterdam.

    13. Reed looks forlorn while wedged between comedy duo Flo & Eddie.

    14. Reed poses for the album cover for Coney Island Baby in 1976.

    15. In July, 1978, Reed sits with Andy Warhol at Greenwich Village club, the Bottom Line.

    16. Reed and British designer Sylvia Morales cut the cake at their 1980 wedding. The two would stay together until the mid-'90s.

    17. Reed chats with his wife Sylvia, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, and Chris Stein during a 1982 party for Blondie's book, Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie.

    18. Reed with the cast of Saturday Night Live during the episode's closing on Nov. 15, 1986, including Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Sam Kinison, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller, and Jan Hooks.

    19. At the Conspiracy of Hope press conference with U2, Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Joan Baez, a six-show tour to benefit Amnesty International.

    20. CBGB'S backstage photo of Reed with Talking Heads side project, Tom Tom Club.

    21. To celebrate Nelson Mandela's release from prison in April, 1990, Reed gathered with celebrities like Little Steven, Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Cole, Patti LaBelle, Winnie Mandela, Peter Gabriel, Mica Paris, and Denzel Washington for a London concert.

    22. On the first day of their 1993 reunion tour, Velvet Underground perform on stage in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    23. Reed with musician Laurie Anderson in 1996, who he would marry 12 years later.

    24. Velvet Underground are inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

    25. We'll miss you, Lou.